Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy for non-technical contributors to maintain and expand their website. A CMS uses software and a database to manage and organize website content. It does this by essentially separating design, structure and content. This allows each area of a website to be changed without impacting the other areas. For example, changing or replacing the user interface without affecting either the existing structure or content.

As content can be added, changed or deleted without affecting the interface or structure this allows an editor to interact with the site in a number of ways. The CMS provides a graphical interface that allows for content creation, editing, scheduling, etc. without any programming knowledge.

Using a CMS is a win-win solution … and you win both times. Unlike when you use an HTML-based solution, you still benefit from having a professional designer/developer produce the look/feel and fucntionality of your site and it’s overall presentation. At the same time, you reserve the role of producing the content for yourself (after all – you know your business). This allows you to use the proper expertise for each of the aspects of successful web site development.